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Affordable Flat Rate

Unlimited talk, text and 70 gigs of data in Israel, plus unlimited talk to US/Canada.

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Calls and Text

Talk to your heart’s content with unlimited text in Israel and unlimited talk to Israel, US, Canada and landlines in 35 countries.

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GB Data
per month

More than ample data for all of your mobile data needs

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Treat Yourself to Our Premium Options

Voice Mail

All you need, nothing you don’t

Virtual Number

Get a domestic US or Canadian Virtual Number so others can easily reach you from abroad

Additional Data

Get up to 150GB

Nothing left out

Cancel Anytime

No worries when you can cancel free of charge anytime.

American Customer Service

As much as you need.

Keep The SIM

Keep the SIM as long as you need.

We now offer ESIM too!

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